We are Bungalow Home Staging.

We believe in staying ahead of market trends by constantly training and educating our team. We constantly strive to improve by attending conferences and design seminars. We are insured, certified and have won numerous awards and are members of three prestigious national staging associations. 

We guarantee our experience, commitment, and professionalism to every homeowner, real estate agent, builder and investor that we work with.

Our Customer Service

Our highly skilled staging experts handle your entire project including scheduling, constant communications, site visits (upon quote acceptance), demographic research, design plans, selecting and packing inventory, loading, delivery, installation and removal.

Our minimum home staging rental term is 2 months
Many local Staging companies do a 3 month lease term. With over a decade of experience, our staged properties often sell within the first month leaving you another month to get you through inspections, appraisals, etc.

A shorter lease term will send save you money and if you need to, you can extend an additional month, but why pay for a 3rd month if you don't need to?

We have a fully stocked warehouse of current, on-trend designer selected furniture, rugs, art & accessories
Many companies go through a 3rd party rental company which means longer turnaround,  higher lease terms (typically 3 months) and cost, and a more generic look.

Our Professional Staging Team

Our highly-skilled staging team can mobilize and install a staging project in as little as 4 hours and we can, often times, get your project into the schedule within a week or less. 

Maryann Cresci Headshot Logistics Coordinator-Office Manager.jpg

Maryann Cresci, Logistics Coordinator-Office Manager

Maryann is responsible for managing the schedule, the team, logistics, warehouse and client care. Problem solver, team player and a positive attitude are only a few characteristics used to describe her. When she is not working, she enjoys cooking, traveling and spending time with her family and her dogs.

Grace Duardo Heashot.jpg

Grace Duardo, Staging Expert

Grace is one of our Lead Staging Experts and has a deep passion for transforming spaces. She is constantly rearranging her own house and has a knack for walking into a room and instantly knowing what feels off and how to fix it. When not working she enjoys attending broadway shows and concerts and spending time with her family.

Gary Brizzi- Staging Expert.jpg

Gary Brizzi, Staging Expert

Gary has recently joined the Bungalow Home Staging team as a Lead Staging Expert. He brings a fresh eye and innovative perspective to the staging process. Gary spent many years focusing on decorating and window treatments, but he enjoys the fast pace and challenge that only staging can bring. During his free time he enjoys the beach and spending time with family, friends and his dog.


Luci Terhune, Bungalow Home Staging’s founder

Luci Terhune, started Bungalow Home Staging in March 2009. Her business specializes in vacant staging and has steadily grown to include four team members and a 6,000 sq. ft. warehouse. Over the years, her work has been recognized by RESA and HSRA. Her hard work and dedication has earned a place as one of the top 10 home staging companies in the U.S. as well as RESA's 100 Most Influential People in Real Estate Staging in 2018.

Luci brings extensive industry experience to the home staging community and in 2017 she joined HSRA's board of advisors where she has the privilege of being a featured speaker.